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Nice game, however as I think a couple others have pointed out parts can be lost in build mode easily. If they get pushed out you CAN grab a part and drag it out to push it back in, but if you place a metal block on another, it just ceases to exist. So, overall nice game, but needs a couple patches :)

whent its comming for download?

BAD is still very early in development but I'm hoping to have a beta download available this year.

Its quite a fun game, I just wish that it had a little bit more polish. The worst part is that parts can be pushed outside of the screen on build mode. Even in fullscreen mode I lost parts to never use them again. This made me have to restart the game as I lost parts required for progression. I think if this concept is expanded upon it would make a great game that I would pay for.

amazing game,But could you please make the map bigger and add more parts

Thank you

but i dont know what button to press to deploy the parachute or the grappling hook

You can change the keys to anything you want by right clicking on them once they are placed on your creation. By default the parachute is 'E' and the grappling hook is 'G'.

Really cool little game !


Parts accidentally kicked from screen it's a pain. )=

This is only an issue when you are not in fullscreen, I do not know if there is another way to solve this.

Even with that problem, i already finished game.

It's really enjoyable thanks you! But i want more (=

And need part rotation key. (May be i missing? I just rotate by other parts collision)

Hook really op!

In the description it says that you can press 'R' to rotate objects it is in the how to play section.

Had trouble getting anywhere, but really awesome setup. I tried parachuting down the hole but my car kept randomly breaking in half in the tunnel (Not from battery loss).